About Us

Dill Sports was created because of our love for pickleball. I actually remember the exact moment when it went from maybe we should do something to "We're going to make it happen!" It was a car ride on the way to an Angels baseball game. Instead of talking about baseball, we were recapping the latest local tournament and rec games we played.

Since all we did was discuss pickleball... we knew a business had to sprout. The name and logo were sketched out as a foul ball off the bat of Shohei Ohtani came screaming towards us! 

We hope you join the journey with us. Pickleball is more than a fad. You'll hear that pickleball is lazy peoples tennis or for old geezers only. However, once they get on the court, the naysayers immediately become fans. Pickleball is a game that blurs the line between young and old, men and women, people from different parts of life and from different countries. 

Reach out if you have questions. Our site is easy to use, and you can contact us via phone at 800-613-5502 or by email at help@dillsports.com. 

Thank you for considering Dill Sports,

Eddie Shap